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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ever Repeating Loops of Tape

Has anyone ever heard of Dr. John C. Lilly? He was a friend of Timothy Leary and did alot of work with communication with dolphins, and basically invented the Sensory Deprivation chamber. If you've never heard of such an evil sounding device, let me explain... The chamber is more of a tank that can be filled with salt water, in which a human can be immersed into. And while floating in this tank, you're given a breating tube, and that's about it. You have no light, no sound, nothing.. And these tanks are supposed to have theraputic effects on the human pysche. But anyway Deprivation chambers isn't what I wanted to talk to you about! I recently bought an old G3 Imac, one of those clear colored macs from like 2000. Remember those? I saw it in a thrift store for 20 bucks, so I couldn't pass it up... Anyway, I get it home and plug it in, and I notice that its stuck in some weird repeating loop. The hard drive keeps opening and closing. As I stared in wonder of its constant opening and closing,I couldn't help but feel like these repetition wasn't just felt by computers. Ever get the feeling that your life repeats? Atleast sometimes when you say things, or feel things? Even what you do, it just seems like an ever repeating loop? Well John C. Lilly believed just that. He described that people are "controlled by loops of tape" that cycle endlessy, without you ever being aware of it. With Repeating words, sentences, idea's and actions we fall prey to these cosmic tape loops. These closed circuit loops must be eliminated, turning them into shapes that are more parabolic or hyperbolic. Staying with our old tapes we remain calm, passive and but we can't experience anything new. What I love most about this, is why we stay fixed to our tape loops. We repeat in order to be safe. To hide behind the safety of the repeating tape loops. The safety of the familiar. I for one know for a fact that I would often avoid going out and socializing more, by always staying at home. Preferring to remain by myself rather than talk to people. It was safe. I didn't like being pulled out of my safe area. I felt comfortable there. Unfortunately John C. Lilly never really tells us how to expand our repeating loops. He just says that you can convert yourself to be more parabolic, in which these tape loops aren't circular but more...shooting off in asymptotic paths far out into the infinite universe.