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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lights Out in Egypt

Or should it read internets out? In a mass silencing, the Eyptian government pull the proverbial plug on the entire country two days ago. In what seems to me as the biggest silencing in history. The pulling of the plug was a result of days of rioting and protesting about the current "president". Even cellphone service was sliced. The ISP's in Egypt all seemed to be strong armed by the government, into a mass denial of service act, of its public, in hopes to quell the resistance.
As I'm writing this Sunday morning, I'm unsure if their lines are back up, but the point is, something like this is pretty scary. While I can't see this happening here in the states, the recent, Wikileaks attack comes to mind. In which, the site Wikileaks has been removed from existence, because it said something out of line. Likewise, the country of Egypt shutting down their entire internet is an unfair move against its own people, and they have a right to be damn angry. As I said, I don't think the government would be foolish enough to attempt to bring down the entire internet. Too much rides on that data, the stock market would collapse like never before. Half the trading would be ended. That being said, there's nothing stopping them from blocking specific sites, as was the case with Wikileaks. I just don't think that such power should be used for sites and things that pose no harm. Obviously if we're talking about a site that deals with child pornography or something, yea to hell with it, but in this case I don't think its justified. I mean yes, no countries government wants its people up in arms but I think cutting off communication isn't the right way to get it done. It just seems like such a juvenile way of getting what you want.. If you won't do daddy says, I'm taking away your toys...

And today's picture is more of an optical illusion, but I like it just the same. Stare at it!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

No Angry Hang Ups

I was recently involved in a car accident ( my life is just going downhill this year). The front of my lancer is completely smashed in...I have to wait like 2 weeks for its repairs to be done.. And I have absolutely zero money to do this with... Anyway, I was on the phone with my insurance company and I was getting pretty worked up. It was mainly due to frustration, I was on my cell phone and at the apex of the argument, I was looking for the nice satisfying slam of the phone on the receiver. Its such a good feeling, getting into an shouting match with someone and you yell the last taunt, and slam the phone down, hanging up on them! A nice sense of accomplishment! You told them... they'll know in their minds that they were angrily hung up on. In the middle of the night they'll wake up with the sound of the audible click of the receiver, haunting them.. Anyway there I was on my cell, about to initiate the last word, when I realized there was no base for me to slam the phone down upon. An awkward second passed and I unceremoniously pressed the "end" button on my phone. Definitely anti climatic. No harsh slamming sound, no crunching of the receiver... It serves me right I suppose I was looking forward to that disconnect a little too much. I wanted make sure they knew I had hung up on them, that I had the last word and was punctuating it with my terminating of the call! Icing on the cake was them calling me back a few moments later saying, "I'm sorry sir, it looks like we lost were saying?"

Oh and in case your wondering, my computer gave me this cool screen when I tried to install a new graphics card. It takes more power to push the card, so my computer goes into this weird scramble mode when I run tasks with it installed, resulting in this blue screen. 'til next time guys.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Looping, Cyclical Universe

My girlfriend, loves random tee shirts, with cool, hipsterish, designs, and she pointed me to this site called which has art from anyone who wishes to submit it. So you can find a lot of cool, clever artwork here. Upon scanning the different prints I can to these loopy pictures that I really liked. I love the universe one, really metaphoric! Check out the site, they have some good stuff. I'm not much of a tee shirt wearer, but they have really nice stuff. Again, I didn't draw these, all respect to the original artists. What I like about this site though, is if you do find a picture you really like, you can buy a print of it to hang up. Anyway, I haven't posted up any looping and paradoxical structures in a while. So there!

Corporate Greed

Alright, so here's the thing. I've recently gotten a job at Staples, as I've made clear in my last few posts. I work as a part of the 'easy tech' crew. Meaning I help out with computer problems, tech advice, selling computers etc. The EasyTech group is basically Staple's version of Best Buy's "Geek Squad". I've worked here now for about 3 weeks, and I this is what I've learned. This is one greedy organization. Because I do believe in the freedom of information, I'll let you in on some of the polices of "Stjavascript:void(0)aples Customer Service". Honestly, 3 weeks, and I've seen the same pure greed, and dishonesty as I would at any wall street company. I'd like you all to be advised when going into stores like Staples, best buy, and other stores were they have commission sales. Don't let them fool you, there's a quota we have to make and if we don't make it, or if we're behind we're supposed to do everything possible to get customers to purchase stuff. So lets say, a woman comes in, looking for a laptop, we have to pick apart her words to give her 'suggestions' to buy things with her laptop. Basically her buying a 600-1200 dollar laptop isn't enough for these corporations, if you don't sell anything with it, they're not happy. This scene happened to me on Saturday night. A woman did come into the store and just wanted a laptop computer. I was the first to start helping her. I asked her a few questions to get a feel of what she wanted. We spent about 15 minutes shooting back and forth half joking, half talking seriously. But by the end of my time with her, she was in a good mood, and had settled on an HP Pavillion, with an AMD Atholon II Dual Core Not a bad computer, but nothing too fancy. Now that's when I would have mentioned some programs and a warranty, but if she didn't want it, I'd let it go and just keep her happy and send her on her way. My bosses weren't having that. They came up to me, pulled me aside, and starting ramming all this shit down her throat. Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Norton 360 Antivirus, In store service work, a laptop case, a mouse, screen protectors, usb flash drives, and external hard drive, and a warranty. All this shit they just barraged her with, her mood went from chipper to bored, and frustrated. They kept making up these fake scenario's into scaring people into buying stuff, and I hate it, it's really pathetic. When I'm talking with someone and they don't want these fake ass warranties that Staples dishes out, then I'm not going to keep pressuring them. As the poor woman was being harrassed by one of my co workers, my boss was chewing me out, telling me that you MUST sell attachments with computers. I looked at him and told him, that she didn't need any of it. I said, the most she'd need is an antivirus, she just wants the computer for light work use and internet usage. What he said next really cemented the deal that this company and its members are just uncaring greedy salesmen. No better than some sleazy cars salesmen. He told me that customers don't know what they want, and its my job to use that to make Staples and myself, money. Basically, take advantage of people who don't know computers, and use their money to line my and staples pockets. I refuse, and I'll be quiting asap. Another great example of this was when this older gentleman also wanted to purchase a computer. He too wanted just the desktop computer, and like the woman, was ready to walk out the door with it by itself. Like I said, that's frowned upon in this store. So my co workers actually had a group huddle, in the back room to see what we could toss at him, and get him to buy. In my mind I was praying he'd just tell them to shut up, and leave him alone. Be warned my dear readers, they don't care for you or your computer needs, all they want is a high quota cause that means we get a bonus at the end of the week on a paychecks.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A week without the internet

No, I'm not doing this to prove some sort of point, like Ghandi starved himself, or anything like that. For whatever reason, my phone lines have been brought to their knee's, and the "customer service focused" Verizon, told me that I won't see a technician anywhere near my phone lines in six days. Before I even get to the point about the long wait time, I have a bone to pick with these phone services. I'm not even talking about ISP's I mean literally, when I call Verizon, they don't have real people anymore. This goes back to my whole animosity for self check outs. Usually when you're stuck with one of these robotic phone agents, if you press random buttons, they'll get the hint, and send you to talk to a live representative. Not this time, my phone system down, I had to call from my cell phone, and I had to listen to her robo-voice guide me through the menu's. Her robotic hand, guiding me around. Hated it! Anyway, I couldn't even voice my displeasure about having to wait 6 days for technician!

Myself: "I can't believe its going to take 6 days to send a person out here, to do 15 minutes of work!"

Robot Phone Operator: "I'm sorry, I didn't understand your selection, can you repeat that?"

Anyway, I'm not too happy with Verizon anyway, this isn't the early 90's anymore, where having the internet was a luxuary, and you could live without it for a few days. In 2011, the internet, I hate to admit it, runs so deep in us that you feel lost without it. I guess that pissed me off even more, knowing that my life was so embedded in the use of the internet, and phone lines. Anyway only a few days longer and I'll be back connected to the wired world. I sit here in Barnes and Noble, leetching off their wi fi.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I want to devise a virus

Another new year, reason to celebrate for some, lamentation for others. I sit here in Barnes and Noble, using up their free wifi, thinking of something to write. First post of 2011 and I'm seemingly stumped. I've recently been employed at Staples (the office supply store). Unfortunately this isn't exactly where I'd want to be in life. I'm 23 years old, and I feel I'm too old for petty retail jobs like that anymore. I've done my time working retail, and I want out. Its a rotation of crabby, greedy customers all day. And that's not even the worst, we have a heavy quota that we must meet. I've been hired as "EasyTech". Its Staples version of Best Buy's "Geeksquad". While this is right up my alley of interest, its just a glorified salesman job. The last few days I've been locked in a small room in the back office, taking tests, trying to get certified on selling camera's, processors, printers etc.. Again I'd have no problem with this, but its the heavy sales figures that I have to meet that has me worried.
I've never been one for cosmic karma, but I suppose I've had this coming. Over the last two years, I've been very successful racking in money through the internet, through sort of nefarious means. I'm not going into any detail, but lets just say my rather large income was internet based and not exactly ethical. Needless to say I've been found out, and my monetary empire has all but collapsed. Humbled, and pretty much broke, I now must pick up with what scraps I have left and rebuild my life. If this would have happened 2 or 3 years ago, I could bounce back no problem, but I'm not entering my mid twenties with this over my head. Anyone else use the computer for not so squeaky clean desires? Let me preface this by saying, while I do consider myself a hacker, I'm not that profiecient at code, but the hacker mentality is alive and well with me. Exploration of computer systems, and the mind is really what I'm about, that being said, any of you use your computer to get information that your not normally privy to? Or to get around the normally strict rules set by someone? One of my favorite Foxtrot comics, using code to get around the rules!

This song really sums up my mood right now..