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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Morton Salt and Inception

I've recently read a book called "I am a Strange Loop". If you're a visitor to this blog, you've probably already heard of it. Written by Douglas Hofstadter, he makes many references to the loop qualities that I find some enthralling. It was like I had found a companion in the woods! He makes references to things I've never even thought of, like the Morton Salt girl. Check out an older version of the Morton Salt girl...she's depicted, walking in the rain, carrying....another box of Morton Salt... in which there would be an even smaller version of her and so on... Something about that just excites me!

I also recently saw the movie Inception. Quite surprising! I figured it would be another action/movie with a lame twist at the end... like the killer was actually the main character or something like that. But it actually had everything that I found interesting... Loops, paradoxes, the mind, communications. It was an exciting watch! Many interesting images, paradoxes, and one great scene of Ellen Page putting two mirrors face to face, creating and infinite well of images. While it could have been more visual, I think it was a very good attempt. Any of your thoughts on it?

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