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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Triumphant Return to the Loop

Self Prophetically, I return to my blog on returning states, loops, and repetition. After a long break, some ups and downs in my roller coaster life, I'm back and ready to get on blogging again. What have you missed? Well I"m officially in school now at NJCU, in good 'ol Jersey. But enough about me. Cripes! We've missed some key events in the world! The Arab Spring my god, revolution is in the air! The occupation of Wall Street! Let me tell you, I do think what their doing is aces. I think getting that mentality that you want and demand change is great and they should continue. but I'm not seeing or hearing any real plan or action or what exactly they want done.. I'll follow up this story in due time. Anyway I'm back, so tune back in, turn us back on, and drop out with us again.


  1. They really need to centralize their protests.

  2. It's not being reported on British news. What's actually going on in Wall St?