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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Does anyone remember they're early childhood? There's a few sites that have people talking about they early childhood, infancy and even birth. Such memories would be reduced to feelings, images and maybe smells. This seems so bizarre to me that one could retain memory from such an early period. But i myself have a strange memory that could only be from my extremely young childhood. Back when I was around 2 or 3, we had an aquarium set up in the living room. I remember standing in the dark, with just the pale light from the fish tank illuminating the room. I specifically remember standing infront of it, but I'm not sure if I was even able to walk then. Either way my early memory is just reduced to images, and 'scenes'. What's your earliest childhood memory?
I was doing some research and apparently, there's a few people out there that claim they can recall what it's like being inside their mothers womb. The descriptions, warm,dark,quiet, and slippery, come up alot. For some these memories don't come easy, or even conciously. Many purporters of these memories say that they had dreams about themselves being in dark warm areas. And even dreaming about the entire birth process, describing in accurate detail they're own birth! What's truely bizarre is that they view the dream from the 3rd person perspective. So they'd be privy to knowledge thy wasn't even available to them, like what color was the clock on the wall. Often times when people with these dreams told their parents, they were astonished to find out they had described an exact detail or a certain aspect of their birth precisely as it happened. So can these reverse memories be true? Is it indeed possible to dream up your own birth, as your Subconcious way of remembering it? When your born, area's in your brain aren't fully developed, on e such area is that of long term memory. But an event as tramatizing as being pushed out of your nice quiet, cozy bed were you've been sleeping And relaxing for 9 months, is bound to leave some sort of imprint on you. What do you think?


  1. I have strong memories of being 2 or three years old... Me and my brother getting up and going to this telescope. We were living in a condo in LA that we only stayed in occasionally over the period of a couple months, so I know that it was when I was very young.

  2. It's odd how you somehow remember things when you were really young but can't recall any other things from it.
    I don't remember anything from when I was under 9 years old.

  3. I like this blog. I'll check back tomorrow for a new update :)

  4. I think it's pretty crazy how people remember that early! They haven't taken their first breathe yet, that's just wow. The earliest memory I probably have is me just sitting around and getting fed by my parents, but I could run and hop then. So I'm pretty jealous at how people can remember such early memories!

  5. Whan a kid, I remember i saw what seemed to be an angel, shit was creepy.

  6. The very first memory that I can date was my 4th birthday.

    I remember walking down the stairs of the house I lived in, walking into the kitchen, where my mother was sitting, and telling her "I'm four today", while holding up 4 fingers.

    I don't remember waking up, or what I did afterwards, but I do specifically remember the steps and telling my mother my age, along with holding up fingers.

    The next earliest memory was being 5 years old, in the same house, but in the living room. I remember being told that Santa Claus didn't exist, and that I shouldn't tell my friends that I knew. I remember that we had a Christmas tree in the living room, and that I was sitting on a couch.

    The way we remember certain events, especially as children, is certainly strange.