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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Where Are You Earth Girl?

In the early 90's raves had become a sort of underground cult. These all night dance parties where more than just people looking to party, get wasted, and get laid. These were indeed spiritual movements. The rave was like a ceremony to bring out the hidden and often imprisoned inner self. I had the pleasure of a attending a mini rave last month in June, and it was eye opening. From what little I experienced, I felt alive out there. I always scoffed at party goers as , vapid, and just an excuse to get a cheap fuck, or way to get blitzed. And I still stick by that statement. But for a select few, the rave, and dancing is truly a metaphysical and mind expanding deal. Never in my life, and this is a pretty profound statement, have I felt like that. Euphoria is an understatement. I felt connected almost to the others in the room. Sort of like a microscopic cog in a greater machine, or a newly connected chip into a computer. This vibe of "togetherness" waxed and waned all night, it was great. Drenched in sweat, my cloths, soaked, and my feet burning, I danced more, shaking out my inner self that is usually so locked up with guarded key. During the early to mid 90's a girl who called herself "Earth Girl" was well known at the rave scene. Showing up with a mobile bar, she would sell drinks and tonics for ravers to keep them going all night. These cyber-tonics and elixers would be sources of nutrition to her dancing brethren. Where did you go Earth Girl? I could sure use a drink of your Cyber-tonic...

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  1. It kind of applies to "mosh pits" or "pogos" as well.