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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Land 'O Lakes Butter

Upon watching the latest episode of the TV show Mad Men, I was struck by a curiously over looked loop! I noticed that one of the younger characters on the show, a daughter of one of the Ad men, was talking to young boy. She says to him that the Indian girl on the Land 'O Lakes box, is holding a box with her on it, holding a box with her on it... and so on. My ears perked up, so much so I had to rewind it! ( I was watching on Sure enough, I went to Google, typed in the Land 'O lakes logo, and presto... There she was holding a box with her on it, holding a box. It was great, I had never even noticed this one! The morton salt girl was pretty recursive, but this is really in your face. After doing some research, this effect of Morton Salt, and Land 'O lakes is called the Droste Effect. Look for another update within the week, spotlighting the Droste effect. Until then, enjoy the Self Referencing!


  1. Hey, stumbled onto your blog a few days ago, and have commented a few times. I am also intrigued by the droste effect, holograms, etc.

    All of a sudden, I remembered this clip from the movie "Spaceballs". Link to follow.

    There is some droste effect and looping in the clip. It's a pretty funny movie to boot, if you've never seen it.

    Looking forward to more posts in the future.

  2. Yes! I love this part in the movie! This actually as I recall, was my first experience to the Droste effect.. And I remember being intrigued by its effects even back then. And not to mention Spaceballs the movie was one of Mel Brook's best! Thanks for that N1ck.

  3. I never noticed that before and I always get Land O Lakes