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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Easter Eggs: The Hunt

Alright so I'm like 6 years late with this...but as I was doing my late night wired crawling, and I happened upon people talking about "Star Wars" and ASCII coding... My interest being piqued, I looked into if you guys even have XP any more you can try this out. Go to Start, click Run, and type in: Telnet

If done correctly you should be seeing a DOS window open...enjoy the movie! You ladies and gentleman by now probably have either heard of this or don't even have XP anymore...but its pretty cool. Can anyone out there tell me if this works for Vista, or Windows 7? Speaking of Easter eggs, and hidden goodies, does any one else get a thrill at finding these? Also for all you lain fans out there, if you have the DVD of the TV series, theres definitely a few hidden surprises on there. I won't give them away if your curious.

One of my favorite "hidden" messages is actually hidden in plain sight. If any of you own or owned a Zune 1st gen MP3 player, on the back where all the technical jargen is, is the words, "Hello, From Seattle". Obviously a salutations from Mircosoft which is based in Seattle. Yes I will admit I do get a bit giddy and excited when discovering easter eggs.

I believe the first Easter Egg that I recognized and was aware of was then I was playing Quake III, waaaay back on the Dreamcast. I was walking 'n stalking all normal like, when in the shadows I saw something in the corner of the screen. Thinking it was ammo or some goodies that I missed, I was pretty surprised to see a head lying there. My first reaction was that it was just a fraged body. but it looked way to rendered to be an ingame sprite. Later on I realized that the head was put there by the developers,Eric Webb. I was intrigued to say the least.

Later on (that same year I believe...probably around 2001) I was playing Donkey Kong 64, on my N64. Right in the beginning to your right, you see a big painting of a dolphin. And I got it! I had just been reading about how Nintendo's 'new' system was going to be called the Dolphin! Of course we all know that the name "Dolphin" was scrapped for a less marine name. The GameCube. But all the same, that painting, I knew was there because of the new game system! I loved it..

There's something about finding what others miss, thats pretty rewarding. Alot of earlier games I know where loaded with easter eggs. Not so much anymore which is a shame. It really makes the game in my opinion that more enthralling. Even if its nothing but the names of the developers, or a sort message, all the same, finding something hidden like that, to me is what cyber culture is all about. If any of you guys have your own Easter egg stories, and hidden secrets post them here. Especially if any of you guys know any hidden stuff on Windows 7.

If you wanna check out your own easter eggs, or see which ones you can discover or rediscover, check out here:


  1. I love easter eggs in games ! great post.

  2. thanks for linking that (easter eggs archive) great resource, thanks for the find