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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lights Out in Egypt

Or should it read internets out? In a mass silencing, the Eyptian government pull the proverbial plug on the entire country two days ago. In what seems to me as the biggest silencing in history. The pulling of the plug was a result of days of rioting and protesting about the current "president". Even cellphone service was sliced. The ISP's in Egypt all seemed to be strong armed by the government, into a mass denial of service act, of its public, in hopes to quell the resistance.
As I'm writing this Sunday morning, I'm unsure if their lines are back up, but the point is, something like this is pretty scary. While I can't see this happening here in the states, the recent, Wikileaks attack comes to mind. In which, the site Wikileaks has been removed from existence, because it said something out of line. Likewise, the country of Egypt shutting down their entire internet is an unfair move against its own people, and they have a right to be damn angry. As I said, I don't think the government would be foolish enough to attempt to bring down the entire internet. Too much rides on that data, the stock market would collapse like never before. Half the trading would be ended. That being said, there's nothing stopping them from blocking specific sites, as was the case with Wikileaks. I just don't think that such power should be used for sites and things that pose no harm. Obviously if we're talking about a site that deals with child pornography or something, yea to hell with it, but in this case I don't think its justified. I mean yes, no countries government wants its people up in arms but I think cutting off communication isn't the right way to get it done. It just seems like such a juvenile way of getting what you want.. If you won't do daddy says, I'm taking away your toys...

And today's picture is more of an optical illusion, but I like it just the same. Stare at it!!


  1. shocking that they did it, man needs to be shot.

  2. Oh probably he will get shot if he doesn't get the heck out of there

    The funny thing is, that the internet with all it's servers and such was intentionally made so it can't be shut down that easily

    But apparently it can be done
    And that is very scary

  3. It can't be easily shut down if you are in control of the network. Most internet users have no control at all over the network. There are only a few places where traffic goes in and out of a country. It is easy to order the owners of the fiber to shut it off, especially in Egypt. Harder though is shutting down communications within a country.

  4. I don't get why Mubarak just won't step down. Nobody wants him in office.

    Oh well, thanks for sharing.

  5. You have an interesting blog. Some of it goes over my head, but I still enjoy it.

  6. I think what they are doing is wrong. You are totally right about the whole "daddy takes away toys" deal. And I think it's stupid, being a power in a country isn't being a parent for christ sakes. It's taking care of a mass amount of people, and taking away that much from a group of people will of course result in riots, it was a terrible choice to begin with.

    Also slightly off topic but I really like that picture.

  7. Dude I love your blog so far, looking forward to some more of future posts

  8. You make interesting points there bro. Following.