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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A week without the internet

No, I'm not doing this to prove some sort of point, like Ghandi starved himself, or anything like that. For whatever reason, my phone lines have been brought to their knee's, and the "customer service focused" Verizon, told me that I won't see a technician anywhere near my phone lines in six days. Before I even get to the point about the long wait time, I have a bone to pick with these phone services. I'm not even talking about ISP's I mean literally, when I call Verizon, they don't have real people anymore. This goes back to my whole animosity for self check outs. Usually when you're stuck with one of these robotic phone agents, if you press random buttons, they'll get the hint, and send you to talk to a live representative. Not this time, my phone system down, I had to call from my cell phone, and I had to listen to her robo-voice guide me through the menu's. Her robotic hand, guiding me around. Hated it! Anyway, I couldn't even voice my displeasure about having to wait 6 days for technician!

Myself: "I can't believe its going to take 6 days to send a person out here, to do 15 minutes of work!"

Robot Phone Operator: "I'm sorry, I didn't understand your selection, can you repeat that?"

Anyway, I'm not too happy with Verizon anyway, this isn't the early 90's anymore, where having the internet was a luxuary, and you could live without it for a few days. In 2011, the internet, I hate to admit it, runs so deep in us that you feel lost without it. I guess that pissed me off even more, knowing that my life was so embedded in the use of the internet, and phone lines. Anyway only a few days longer and I'll be back connected to the wired world. I sit here in Barnes and Noble, leetching off their wi fi.


  1. I hear ya.

    Having to wait for internet is just about unbearable anymore. I check the news, converse with people, and pay my bills over the internet. It's more than just an inconvenience when it goes out.

    The worst part is definitely the part where your ISP can take its sweet time solving the problem, simply because there aren't viable options. Monopolies over the internet lead to some absolutely terrible ISP service.

    About a year and a half ago, my internet died. Although they are weary to believe you, I told them that it was entirely on their end, either with the modem, or the line coming in. It took them 12 days... TWELVE DAYS ... to come out.

    It was the modem the whole time. Took 5 minutes to switch it out. The tech who came out even suspected it immediately, because they had just changed their broadband infrastructure, and my modem was older and didn't support it.

    As we speak, fiber optics from another company is being installed in select locations around the city. Not only is the download and upload substantially better than my currest service, but it is also cheaper. If it was offered where I live, I would call and order it instantly and cancel my current service immediately.

    Monopolies suck. ISPs are usually huge monopolies, and is the reason why I had an equally long post after your Net Neutrality post.

  2. I was without the Internet for about 2 years in 2007. After I got over itch, it was quite nice. No waiting on things to load, or dealing with things not working, down servers, computer problems. It was very peaceful and relaxing. I've enjoyed reading your posts, and am looking forward to reading more. Peace.