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Friday, January 28, 2011

No Angry Hang Ups

I was recently involved in a car accident ( my life is just going downhill this year). The front of my lancer is completely smashed in...I have to wait like 2 weeks for its repairs to be done.. And I have absolutely zero money to do this with... Anyway, I was on the phone with my insurance company and I was getting pretty worked up. It was mainly due to frustration, I was on my cell phone and at the apex of the argument, I was looking for the nice satisfying slam of the phone on the receiver. Its such a good feeling, getting into an shouting match with someone and you yell the last taunt, and slam the phone down, hanging up on them! A nice sense of accomplishment! You told them... they'll know in their minds that they were angrily hung up on. In the middle of the night they'll wake up with the sound of the audible click of the receiver, haunting them.. Anyway there I was on my cell, about to initiate the last word, when I realized there was no base for me to slam the phone down upon. An awkward second passed and I unceremoniously pressed the "end" button on my phone. Definitely anti climatic. No harsh slamming sound, no crunching of the receiver... It serves me right I suppose I was looking forward to that disconnect a little too much. I wanted make sure they knew I had hung up on them, that I had the last word and was punctuating it with my terminating of the call! Icing on the cake was them calling me back a few moments later saying, "I'm sorry sir, it looks like we lost were saying?"

Oh and in case your wondering, my computer gave me this cool screen when I tried to install a new graphics card. It takes more power to push the card, so my computer goes into this weird scramble mode when I run tasks with it installed, resulting in this blue screen. 'til next time guys.

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